Bastien Sirodot, COO Umedia, Bruxelles

Founded in 2004, Umedia has become one of the most important financing and producing partners for international productions in Belgium, making use of their tax shelter system. Their level of implication varies between helping with financing such as for the genre hit Revenge or acting as an active producing partner on films such as Mandy with Nicolas Cage. As COO, Bastien is a part of selecting these projects and working on them. Listen to him talk about the variety of projects Umedia is a part of, coproductions with the US and what special gear a producer absolutely needs to buy when working on the set of Mandy.

On Umedia

Umedia was created on the basis of this great system that we have in Belgium, the tax shelter. We managed to build a serious financial model for investors, which allowed us to invest in so many different productions in terms of genre and budget. This diversity is definitely the trademark of Umedia.

On Mandy and producing with the US

Umedia was in charge of all the physical production here in Belgium and put together the financing. It was a small budget, hard shoot and a lot of mud but totally worth it. We’ve always done these European- US coproductions, maybe once a year. But it’s not worth for every project, we never want to force a Belgium coproduction on a project. It needs to fit the project creatively and financially.